Morgan Scheving, a self-taught artist from the suburbs of Detroit Michigan. Morgan is a graffiti street artist specializing in mixed media, Acrylics & Spray-paint. Growing up in a small-town Morgan was always fascinated with fashion and influenced throughout her art by designers, music, and modeling. Morgan’s artistic journey was not like most she graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion & Broadcast and the Cinematic Arts. Morgan is a published journalist who wrote fashion columns and later experimented in videography throughout her college years. Morgan started her art journey by making jewelry for fun and re-defining clothing that she thrifted. Morgan also uses her modeling experiences in her art for inspiration. She began to experiment with her own photo-shoot concepts as part of her artistic journey. In 2017 Morgan started to experiment with the idea of painting. This was something she did as a form of “therapy”. “I was living in an unfinished basement, with a bed, laundry unit, racks of clothes, and my art. I had something to prove to everyone who has ever told me to get a real job. I am a creative, this is my real job.” Everything she paints is from free-hand and in the moment. Morgan uses her emotions and her aspirations of the world in her art. “I think most of my inspiration came from peoples doubt and lack of support in who I wanted to be, realistic or not. Growing up in Michigan has made it hard for me to peruse my passion for fashion and the creative industry so I figured why not make myself a brand.” Morgan’s artwork has been seen at multiple music venues in Detroit as well as some local art galleries. Being new to the Art scene Morgan has developed quite rapidly her dream is to peruse  her art as her full time career in the multiple creative fields that she has expressed knowledge in.




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