What to Wear: Hipster Cutie

Hipster: “A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream”.

After reading Google’s definition of a ‘hipster,’ I think it’s safe to say that I fall perfectly right into this category. Urban Dictionary categorizes ‘hipsters’ as men and women who are typically in their 20-30’s who enjoy independent thinking, indie-rock, art, and creativity. Hipsters are also described as people living in the suburbs of New York City, LA, and Chicago. These are the places that most fashion designers look for their street INSPIRATION! Not only are these people fashionably dressed, but they have an unique sense of style that many are trying to imitate.

This outfit screams hipster. From the vintage blazer and purse to the old school high-top converse. Instead of trying to fit in with the everyday crowd, find an outfit that makes you stand out! The blue and mustard yellow, blazer makes you take a second look because it’s something unique that you don’t see people wearing every day. Instead of shopping at your favorite store in the mall, try some place new to achieve this look. My favorite thrift store is GoodWill. Not only are the clothes immensely CHEAP but they add an unique flare that no one else has!

One of my favorite accessories for fall/winter are beanies. Beanies are essentially the masterpiece to my everyday look. You might be thinking, Why?” Beanies mean that I can roll out of bed ten minutes before my class starts and not have to worry about doing my hair. I can’t stress it enough how amazing these knit head warmers are! Pair any colored beanie with an outfit as an accent color and watch your outfit gain some attitude!

As for my lip color choice, I like to stick to darker/natural nudes. This NYX is a soft matte lip cream that feels like your wearing nothing! No matter how many times you accidentally rub your face, the lip color stays on and does not smear!

Style On,

Morgan Scheving



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