What to Wear: Date Night

Don’t stress just yet! I found it upon myself to help create the perfect date night ensemble for all my fellow fashionistas. Going on first dates can always be stressful, especially when one doesn’t no what to wear! Does one dress up, or go for the casual tomboy look? Dressing up is always the better option, unless one knows what their night entails. But, one must make sure that they are not overly dressed. That is what makes this outfit perfect for any first date!

Start off with a form fitting skirt, personally I prefer the look of a longer skirt. Find an exceptional graphic t-shirt that is flirty yet casual. I picked a Guns N’ Roses crop top that hits where my skirt starts. Since the weather is getting colder in Michigan I threw on a pair of sheer black tights and booties and grabbed my favorite leather jacket. If it’s not cold out I would change the tights and wear an open toed heel for a more sophisticated look. Lastly I chose to incorporate a small leather Chanel purse. A clutch would work just as fine if one doesn’t have something similar.

To pull my outfit together I changed up my lipstick to a vibrant red! It gives this outfit the right amount of color without looking too over done. Don’t be afraid to match a lip color with detail in ones outfit.

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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