My Darling Pleats

When it comes to fast fashion one can start to get overwhelmed with trends coming and going out of style. Luckily pleats have always been a relevant detail in the fashion industry. This Fall/Winter one will surly notice the big impact that pleats will be having on our big fashion designers. KenzoBlamain, Dior, and many more have been impacted by this subtle, yet playful, detail in their garments as we have seen on the runways.

I paired a cream ribbed knit crop top with a pair of green patterned  pleated skorts. This look is perfect for any occasion! I dressed it up by adding a statement necklace. One could even add a couple of bangles to this outfit. Felt floppy hats are one of my favorite trends this year. They have a way of adding a little bit of attitude to every ensemble! I added booties for this outfit because booties can fit for any day to night occasion. If you are looking for a night out look swap out the booties for a pair of strapy heels like these ones from Nasty Gall. And last but not least find a cute purse to tie the outfit together. I chose something more neutral making the outfit simple so one can add a pop of color to the lips without looking overly dressed. Simplicity is the key to this outfit!

For the pop of color for the lips I went with a fun deep purple almost plum matte lip pencile. This adds a subtle pop of color and maturity to the outfit.Keeping the outfit simple and stylish.

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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