What to Wear: Beanie Sensation

Todays weather forecast entails partially cloudy with a chance that I am wearing a beanie. For those of you who no me can agree that I am the queen of hats! Beanies, baseball hats, snapbacks, and many more are some of my favorite pieces to add to my wardrobe.

I paired my favorite blue jean overalls with a slightly oversized flannel. Underneath the overalls I usually throw on a plain or sometimes graphic crop top. I went simple with my navy Vans giving my look a casual vibe. When it comes to picking out the beanie I give this part the most thought. Instead of being completely color coordinated I like to wear a different color beanie that stands out, but also makes sense with the outfit. That is why this mustard yellow beanie fits in perfectly with my navy/green ensemble. To make sure ones outfit stands out add a pop of color with your beanie! Yellow & orange look good with greens and blues and red and purple look good with neutrals.

To get this look all one needs is a basic crop top like the one here from Forever 21. Overalls like these ones from ASOS, some cute shoes like these ones from Vans, a smiler flannel like the one I’m wearing from PacSun, and lastly the most important part a beanie like this one from Zumiez. Now it’s time for you fellow fashionistas to turn heads and incorporate the look yourself!

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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