What To Wear: Interview Ready

If preparing for an interview isn’t stressful enough one has to find the time to put an acceptable ensemble together. Depending on the type of job one is applying for determines what’s appropriate. Since I myself am having trouble finding the perfect interview attire I decided to put a couple outfits together.

Like I’ve stated before, each job interview is going to be different so these outfits might not work for everyone. Starting with the outfit on the left, the tweed straight line pants are one of my favorite pieces. The outside trim is lined with leather giving it the perfect touch. I paired these dress slacks with a cream mid sleeve turtle neck. One could even throw a blazer over this to dress it up more! Now depending on the type of interview determines the shoes. I paired 3 types of shoes: black leather booties, open toed heels, and a pair of simple booties. The heels are a little more risky for the ensemble but it all depends on the job.

The outfit on my right is a grey turtleneck,calf length,ribbed dress. I would throw some black tights on underneath for a classier piece. The black blazer gives it the sophistication it desires. I love this ensemble with the black simple booties. This outfit is simple yet put together. When going to an interview I try not to wear a lot of jewelry. I stick with usually just a watch. But, I threw a couple bracelets together to show how you can keep an outfit simple but still accessorized.

I hope these style tips help one make the most fashionable yet appropriate decision when it comes to that special moment!

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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