What To Wear:Graphic Tees & Joggers Please

Who says that joggers are just for men? I personally prefer joggers over jeans any day! These stylish yet laid back comfy joggers make an appearance at least once a week from my wardrobe. I usually stick to a casual attire when wearing joggers because lets face it they are loose and comfy like sweatpants. I think this is my biggest draw to them because one doesn’t look lazy when wearing them like one would when wearing sweats or yogas.

I keep this outfit simple and laid back by pairing it with a cut off graphic tee. Over the top I threw on an oversized knitted cardigan that makes the outfit much more desirable. To add a pop of color I added my burgundy Vans. This outfit is very easy and simple for one to mimic themselves which really makes it the perfect ensemble.One can even add a beanie or accessories to this outfit to dress it up more than what I have!

To achieve this look one must grab some joggers like I am sporting from Pacsun, a simple graphic cut off tee like mine from Urban Outfitters, an oversized knitted sweater similar to mine from Zara, and lastly some colored shoes like mine from Vans.

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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