What To Wear: Valentine’s Day Video

To get the full styling video go to my youtube link or click here–> Valentine’s Day Video

I swear after this post you won’t see another Valentine’s Day post till next year! Who am I kidding Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite Holliday’s to celebrate. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like getting free gifts and all dolled up for no reason!

Lauren Moline styled the perfect going out look for this Valentine’s Day. Her scandalous black leotard paired with a burgundy velvet skirt is to die for! This outfit is perfect for going out to the bars or going on a date. I styled a couple coats to go with this outfit for going out. The possibilities are endless with this ensemble.

The first coat styled is for someone who doesn’t want to wear a coat out because it’s going to hide their outfit. An easy way to fix this is to grab a shaw or what Lauren is wearing is an oversized scarf that I turned into a shaw. Something so easy and is in every women’s wardrobe.

The second coat styled is for someone who is going out and feels a little more daring. One will be sure to get all the attention in this light pink shaggy fur coat. This coat is fun and has a lot of attitude to it!

The last coat styled is for someone who is going to a fancy occasion. Lauren is rocking this oversized felt coat. Whats great about this coat is the shape. I love the box shape it’s fun because it gives personality to the outfit.

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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