What to Wear:Pantone of the Year

Blush pink rose quartz was named pantone color of the year. Not only is this color soft and girly but it also is great for every season! This color looks great on pale skin during the winter as well as tan skin when spring and summer come around. (If you don’t believe me just check out a couple of the stars who are wearing it this year.)

The outfit that I have styled can be worn for ones typical day to day attire. The bulky fuzzy knit sweater is from Calvin Klein. The bulkiness of the sweater is one of my favorite styles right now. Not only was blush pink rose quartz named color of the year this year but so was soft blue serenity. That is why I have paired this knit sweater with a pair of light blue distressed jeans. This color is obviously not the same shade of the soft serenity blue pantone but it falls into the same idea. With these jeans I cuffed them a couple times to make them fall just under the ankle. I did this because I have paired them with some ankle booties.Lastly to complete ones outfit I added a blush pink quilted purse from BCBG.

One Simple Change: Swap the booties for a pair of open toed heels and one has the perfect day-to-night outfit!

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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