What To Wear: Gym Attire

One way to keep me motivated and going to the gym is by buying new gym clothes! As if there is no better reason to go shopping and splurging on some new leggings that, lets face it, will only be worn once at the gym and the rest for every other lazy day attire. When it comes to picking out gym attire I enjoy pieces that I can mismatch.Because, lets face it, I can’t afford to buy a new outfit every time I need motivation to hit the treadmill!

On top I went with a Nike windbreaker with a neon yellow sports bra underneath. If one doesn’t feel comfortable sporting just a sports bra throw on a simple black tank or tee-shirt. As for the leggings I thought I would spice it up by showing off these camouflage leggings also from Nike. As for my shoes I don’t like to clash so I kept it simple and wore some black Nike’s.

Get The Look: A windbreaker like mine from Nike, a neon sports bra like mine from Nike, camouflage leggings similar to mine from Macy’s, and lastly some running shoes like mine from Finish Line.

Don’t forget to check out the fashion website I am blogging for TheRunwayAvenue.com  and enjoy 10% off everything until the end of March by using the code MIwear.

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


3 thoughts on “What To Wear: Gym Attire

  1. I love the outfit at the top! I’m a former dancer and I remember all the girls parents buying them lululemon. The clothes are everywhere now; I do love the styles though. I’m actually writing a (somewhat satirical) piece on my new blog about this kind of thing because I’m obsessed with the fashion so much. You’re really creative though!

    -Alicia M (:

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