What to Wear: Maxi Dress

The best part about going into spring are the maxi dresses! Maxi dresses are easy to throw on when one has little time to get ready. Not only are maxi dresses easy to throw on when getting ready but, lets be honest, they are unbelievable comfy. This is one of my favorite maxi dresses because of the beautiful tie-dyed pattern. The colors look good on any skin tone as well which is always a plus. I kept this ensemble simple going for a boho beach look. To make this outfit stand out I added an orange fringe purse which compliments the dress nicely with the purple and teal tones in the dress.

This ensemble is perfect for dinner parties or dates.  This outfit isn’t overly dressed up but one will be sure to get the attention desired by this maxi. The great thing about maxi dresses are how versatile they are. This makes them easy to fit into ones everyday lifestlye!

The back of the dress is one of my favorite parts of the garment because of the low cut. One could wear this with a denim jacket if the weather isn’t warm enough. I paired this ensemble with some teal jeweled sandals one could also wear a pair of brown wedges with the dress if they wanted to dress it up.

One Simple Change: Add turquoise bangles to dress up the attire. One could also add some rings as well!

Style On,

Morgan Scheving










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