What To Wear:Skater Dress


Summer is right around the corner and I cannot be more excited for the outfits I have prepared! Warm weather always brings out the better side of me because of the fun colors and patterns that are worn. Another reason summer brightens up my mood is because who doesn’t love to show off a fresh bronzed tan while wearing an adorable summer dress! This is why this ensemble is perfect for summer because one can do just that in this adorable red and white stripped skater dress.

With this ensemble I started off with a red cotton stripped skater dress. The dress compliments ones body very pleasingly.I gave this piece a denim jacket in case one is going to a function later on in the day such as a bonfire or a boat ride with friends. The brown straw hat is perfect for having a lazy hair day and looks great with this ensemble.  This outfit pairs perfectly with this red Michael Kors bag to complete this ensemble!

How To Get The Look: Start off with a patterned or plain skater dress similar to mine from ASOS . Grab a jean jacket similar to mine from Urban Outfitters. Grab a straw hat similar to mine from Macy’s. Find a pair of gladiator sandals similar to mine from Steve Madden. Lastly don’t forget to add a fun colored purse to pull ones ensemble together like mine from Michael Kors.

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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