What T0 Wear: T-Shirt Dress

My guilty pleasure is shopping in the men’s section. Now many of you are probably thinking this is crazy but if one wants an effortless styled outfit then dare to be different! My favorite thing about fashion is how versatile it is. I enjoy incorporating pieces into my wardrobe that one would never think of doing. This is my idea of being different.

The great thing about this t-shirt dress is how perfect it is being casual while still being girly since it is techniqually considered a dress! I styled mine to be a tad more tomboyish since I wore this running errands. But, one can style it however they please. Start off by grabbing a large or extra large mens t-shirt. Depending on the brand they will fit differently. Throw on some tennis shoes and a hat and viola! How easy is that!

One simple Change: Throw on some gladiator sandals and you transformed this tomboyish style to be more girly.

If you’re in Detroit April 24th come check out the blogger competition I was asked to be a part of with Styleshack.


Style On,

Morgan Scheving



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