Gladiator Sandals


IMG_4573What was once known for comfort and combat has taken a toll upon our fashion industry. The aggressive shin leather sandal, better known as the gladiator sandal, is perfect for this summer. Gladiator sandals can make any ensemble perfect for a night out downtown to a summer music festival.

I styled a pair of brown leather gladiator sandals with a playful patterned romper. The brown floppy hat makes this ensemble great for festivals this summer or even a day adventuring downtown markets! I decided to pair a patterned clutch with this outfit to show off the carefree fun side that one has during the summer time. This outfit is something one can wear for many different occasions one can even dress it up by adding jewelry such as a choker or some colorful rings.

One Simple Change: Switch out the patterned clutch for a black leather backpack. This will transform ones outfit into a daytime ensemble!

Style On,

Morgan Scheving


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