What To Wear:Concert

What to Wear

There is no better time to be daring with ones ensemble then by going to a concert. Concerts and festivals are one of the best times to experiment or wear something a little more daring then usual.  I am always inspired when going to a concert because of the fashion and experience that it brings. This allows me to be more edgy with my style when putting an ensemble together.

I started out with a cut off Metallica band tee that one can get from Urban Outfitters. Any graphic tee will work though! I paired the band t-shirt with a mini cheetah skirt that one can also find at Urban Outfitters. I paired this outfit with some black suede booties that one can find similar to mine from Steve Madden. As for the purse I decided on a royal blue sequin clutch that matches the design in the Metallica band tee. I kept the jewelry simple and fun by pairing some beaded bracelets with a royal blue jersey stone choker that I made. Lastly, don’t forget to bring some shades to match ones edgy look!

One Simple Change: Add a jean jacket or leather coat to to make this ensemble perfect for any day-to-night occasion.

Style On,

Morgan Scheving




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