What To Wear: Santa’s Little Helper

What to Wear

This year I didn’t get a spot on Santa’s list but, I did style the perfect outfit for running around and visiting family on this crazy wonderful day. Take a peep on how to achieve this style for ones own Holiday festivities!

Instead of the traditional dress and tights look I kept it comfy yet sharp and styled a checkered orange and blue blazer with a pair of high waisted dress slacks. Underneath the blazer I styled a grey turtleneck knit sweater.If one wanted to dress the outfit down all one has to do is take off the blazer. I kept the ensemble colors the same throughout the outfit so it was only fitting to pair orange and navy blue socks together. I find it ecstatically pleasing when I see dress socks that are shown a little bit under slacks.One of my favorite trends right now is the backpack purse, it’s so perfect for someone like me who is always running around and on the go. Not to mention it’s quite adorable with the outfit. Lastly I added some brown suede oxfords to bring this entire ensemble together.

OneSimpleChange: Swap the blazer for a fuzzy coat like this one from Macy’s and one has the perfect night out look!

Merry Christmas!

Style On,

Morgan Scheving