Jean Jacket: Detroit Hustles Harder

For many of you who know me personally, one can tell you that I love thrifting and transforming something so unique into a one of a kind treasure. That is what i did with this Detroit Hustles Harder jean jacket. Not to mention I also snagged this one of a kind vintage Marlboro tee-shirt!

I styled this hipster grudge look with a one of a kind hand made jean jacket by myself. This jacket is edgy and fun and goes with almost about any outfit! I love layering  with this jacket, it’s easy to add layers underneath it as well. The one of a kind distressed rips are my absolute favorite thing about this piece. And let’s face it Detroit does Hustle the Hardest so wearing this bad boy will only turn heads in the right kind of way.

Many people have asked me if I am selling my pieces so I finally took it into initiative and I am selling everything be sure to check out more to come of my one of a kind pieces. Contact me if interested in buying the Detroit Hustles Harder jacket.


Style On,

Morgan Scheving



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