‘Self Port’: A collection of Art

The title of this art collection is called ‘Self Port’. This is my first series of artwork that I have ever done. ‘Self Port’ was a project that I did to represent who I am as a person . This was a true journey for someone like me who doesn’t like to show their emotions. Let me know what you think.

Self-Pro-Trait: a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist. (Urban Dictionary). The one good thing college taught me was how to cite properly. It was worth every penny ( still paying off my student loans ).

My series of ‘ Self port’ is something that is very close to me. It’s weird, different, and a bit angst. But, these are all things that I am as a person and it took me a little bit of time to finally appreciate it. This is why i did this series of paintings that took me, a series of time to finish. To see oneself as the inner, truest form of them is not the easiest task. Hence, why I re-painted, re- traced, and re-created each image more than once. I am no where close to being perfect nor do I strive or hope to be. These paintings show flaws and emotion that I hope the viewer can correlate.

Note To Reader: My paintings usually have some sort of a song lyric depicted in them that i deeply  & utterly devour  with no  incompetent concise or reason of mind as to  why.

#1.  Song lyric – The Him- I wonder:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Yes, I do have a sensitive side. I know I seem like this ice queen who isn’t bothered by incompetent minds. But, don’t let this mask fool you, I Morgan Catherine Scheving, am concise of all. I have all these thoughts that race through my mind without it even asking to interrupt my incoming thoughts. This painting is also using a quote that I came up with, ” Maybe if I was different, different in the way that we call normal, you would want me.” Sometimes different isn’t as glamours as people think. Being different is not the norm and no matter how badly society today wants to be “different” know one will truly understand until they most certainly are.

And don’t even get me started on the labels on the face. If i was to say ” Todays society made women this way” I would be lying. Nowadays no one can hold themselves accountable for the actions they inflict. Every encounter you make with someone reflects with that person for at least a glimpse of a second. People forget how fragile the heart truly is. Didn’t you know you can die from a broken heart. But, hey did you expect 2017 to be any different?

Song lyric:  #2  Phantogram- Fall In Love:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Horoscope Traits : The Aquarius-born people are humanitarians to the core. They are a progressive and modern lot. Broad-minded and creative, they are the real truth-seekers. Being affectionate and friendly by nature, the Aquarius-born are very attractive and popular. However, their frankness can cut both ways. Within limits it can be a positive quality, but when it borders on the insensitive, it can really hurt people and alienate them from their friends and loved ones. Besides, as they do not open up emotionally too soon, not many people can relate to them. So, though they may have many friends, not many of them will be close friends. Being unpredictable is another negative trait that works against them.

I never knew how to show my feelings until I took up art. I recently put my passion into physical things that I, myself have created. To feel so much can be scary at times, this is why I enjoy crafts. Painting, blogging, poems, and much more are an easy outlet to my feelings. I have related to songs more than people in my life. I often question at times if that is normal since nowadays showing someone you are human and have flaws is to be  an unattractive trait to many. But, what am I to know.. I’m still single and yes, I like dudes.

Song Lyric #3.  Griffin, Illenium- Feel good ft. Daya:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Clearly this painting shows how much I hate to feel. I have a corpse in it for crying out loud. Yes, I am angst I like the darkness of something because it once use to be so light and pure. To see something evolve is beautiful because to me change is immaculate.

“Wanting me is superficial, needing me is irrelevant”. I came up with this quote because people see what they want to see instead of trying to get to know the real me. Yes, I am sure I am guilty for this in my life I mean I’m human, who isn’t. Why is everything based on status, looks, and ego. This is why getting to know someone like me is impossible because you already have your mind made up of what you want me to be.

Song Lyric #4.  Oh Wonder-Shark (Illenium Remix):

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Im awkward, dorky, nerdy, clumsy, and most of all just a goof. So yes this clown/ creepy thing is me. Don’t worry I look better with makeup on. If i was to spend everyday caring about what others ( a.k.a. all you reading my blog ((losers)) ) thought I would get no where. If you think I don’t care you could be wrong , but then again you might be right because I do not let options of what others think depict me. So live your life to your fullest and be true to yourself, who else is going to support you? Live your life to express, not to impress.

P.S. I hope you can sense a lot of my sarcasm and my not so funny humor.

Thanks for reading my ‘Self Port’ piece. I thoroughly hope you enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed making it. If you would like to purchase any of the pieces feel free to message me.

XOXO Morgan Scheving




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